are_self_driving_cars_safeWhat once seemed to only be possible in fiction movies may now become a reality. Self-driving cars which is available in Chevrolet dealership near Beaumont is no longer seem impossible, with manufacturers striving to develop and design smart systems that protect drivers from crashes and collisions and making them available in the market by setting up a used car dealerships near me. However, one concern looms on consumer’s minds. Will these cars make roads safer or more hazardous?  If you are involved in car crash with a self-driving car, who is liable?

How safe are autonomous vehicles?

Car-makers and Chevy dealership hope to make roads safer by eliminating the possibility of a human distracted driver or a person under the influence of alcohol. Currently, with the existence of law firm for DUI charges, the number of drink and drive cases has been reducing gradually. While data shows the safety of self-driving cars, speculation arises as it concerns human drivers. Google states that autonomous vehicles obtained from a Ford dealership can analyze and assess scenarios such as when a motorist waves their left hand to move over into another lane, or if another car makes a misjudgment in their driving. i always take advice from Dodge Dealership near me when I want to buy a car! However, Google’s car has been the cause of accidents after software incorrectly predicted the right move to make causing the vehicle to crash into a bus. When the control of the wheel goes out of our hand, the driver will have no other option than to struggle to gain control to avoid a huge accident. The lawyers for motorcycle injuries get so upset when the company fails to recognize their mistake and does not come forward to help the victim to provide proper compensation for the victim and also for his family.

Car Crashes with Self-Driving Cars: Who is responsible?

No matter how safe Google and Tesla say their cars are, there is still great possibility for accidents because computer software may also fail. According to the Washington Post, a man was killed last year in his Tesla when it failed to stop when it was supposed to in order to let a trailer pass. Google’s self-driving car collided with a van that ran a red light. While self-driving cars may theoretically be safer by reducing the element of human error, there is still the possibility that they may cause harm and result in dangerous driving situations.

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TJ Grimaldi

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