Supreme Court ruling on attorney’s fees in worker’s compensation cases

worker's_compensation_lawLast Thursday the Florida Supreme Court issued a landmark decision in Castellanos v Next Door Company, ruling that the attorney fee provision in the workers compensation statute limiting fees to a percentage of the amount of the benefits an attorney obtains for the client is unconstitutional. For more than a decade, plaintiff’s attorneys have been reluctant to represent injured workers because of these caps on fees. The Court ruled fees must be reasonable, and opened the door once more for plaintiff’s attorneys to be paid hourly fees when obtaining a small amount of benefits for the injured worker.

The impact of the court’s ruling is that it is now economically feasible again for attorneys, who often expend considerable time and money pursuing relatively small amounts of benefits, to represent injured workers. This firm will therefore be launching an aggressive campaign to develop a worker’s compensation practice.

Please share the news that injured workers can now obtain a lawyer like Arkansas personal injury law firm at no cost to them to fight insurance companies who deny them their rightful benefits after being injured on the job. I have represented literally thousands of injured workers in the past, and look forward to building this practice and advocating for work comp clients again. If you have questions about workers comp, please feel free to ask me.

Thanks for helping to spread the word about this important change in the law.