What Would a Tom Brady / Gisele Bündchen Divorce Look Like?

In the last year, NFL superstar Tom Brady has been making news on the football field and off. The latest breaking news puts a spotlight on his home life. Speculation has grown that Brady and his supermodel wife, Gisele Bündchen are headed toward a divorce.

If the rumors are true, what would a Brady-Bündchen divorce look like? How would the powerhouse couple divide up the life — and millions of dollars they built together?

The Brady-Bündchen Love Story

When Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen met, Bündchen was one of the most famous supermodels in the world. She had an empire of her own, making millions through her advertising and modeling campaigns. Brady was a well-known football player but not yet the greatest quarterback of all time.

The two married in 2009. In the time since their marriage, Bündchen slowed her career a bit while Brady established himself as one of the most influential NFL players of all time. The couple grew their celebrity and wealth, and they acquired millions in assets.

In early 2022, it seemed they were ready to call it quits on their football life, and Brady announced his retirement. But after only 40 days, Brady changed his mind and announced that he would return to football.

According to reports, his return was good for Tampa Bay where he plays for the Buccaneers. But, it wasn’t good for his marriage. Bündchen is reportedly upset at his decision to return, which could be the reason why Bündchen was recently spotted leaving a divorce attorney’s office.

Many are now speculating that Brady, 45, and Bündchen, 42 are getting ready to file for divorce.

So, what would happen if the rumors are true?

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Where Would the Couple File for Divorce?

The couple owns multiple properties, but their primary residence appears to be in the state of Florida. They recently purchased a $17 million mansion in Indian Creek in Miami, Florida.

With their primary residence in Florida, they would need to file for divorce in Florida, and their divorce would follow Florida divorce laws.

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What Would the Divorce Process Look Like?

At this time, it appears that Bündchen is leading the possible divorce process. If she were to file for divorce, Brady would then be served with divorce papers.

After divorce papers are served, Brady would have twenty days to file an answer. The answer would tell the court if he agrees or disagrees with the initial filing. From there, the couple would need to create an agreement to divide up their assets and liabilities and set guidelines for child custody and support.

It is rumored that the couple has a prenup that could make their split-up easier. Like Kim Kardashian and Kayne West, who had a prenup, the couple came into their marriage with a large amount of wealth on both sides, so it wouldn’t be unusual to already have an agreement in place. But, they would still need to determine what to do with assets gained during their marriage and to make plans for their children. They could argue these issues in court or choose to go through divorce mediation.

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What’s at Stake?

If Brady and Bündchen move forward with their divorce, they will need to come to an agreement regarding many aspects of the life they built together.

Distribution of Financial Assets, Debts, and Properties:  The couple will need to split up millions of dollars in assets and property. According to PEOPLE Magazine, the couple owns “a house at the exclusive Yellowstone Resort in Montana, a $3.5 million NYC apartment, a home in Costa Rica, and the $17 million mansion they purchased in Miami’s elite Indian Creek Island.” They also have millions of dollars of assets. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Bündchen is reportedly worth $400 million, while Brady is worth an estimated $250 million.

Child Custody, Parenting Time, and Child Support: Bündchen and Brady have two children together: Benjamin Rein, 12, and Vivian, 9. They also co-parent Brady’s son John Edward, 15, with Brady’s ex, Bridget Moynahan. Part of their divorce settlement will involve agreements on child custody, parenting time, and child support. Whoever has more custody responsibilities may be entitled to child support.

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Spousal Support: Both Bündchen and Brady have made millions in their careers, but that doesn’t mean neither will have to pay spousal support. While Bündchen may have a higher net worth, she could be entitled to support if the court focuses on the couple’s more recent earnings. Bündchen has taken time away from work to focus on her family while Brady has been focusing on his career and earning higher wages in the past few years. Brady originally signed a two-year $50 million deal with the Buccaneers in 2020, and he recently signed a 10-year $375 million deal with Fox Sports. His recent earnings could make it more likely that Bündchen could receive some sort of spousal support.

Rumors and expectations for the divorce are all speculative, so we will have to wait and see what the future holds for Brady and Bündchen.

Find a Trusted Divorce Attorney

Even with a prenup and planning, managing a divorce can be complicated and messy. If you are getting ready to go through a divorce, make sure you have a divorce attorney you can trust by your side. Contact TJ Grimaldi today to see how he can help guide you through your divorce process and fight for you. Schedule your consultation or call 813-226-1023 today.

Breaking Down Michelle Branch’s Arrest, Divorce & Dismissed Assault Charge

Michelle Branch needed a criminal attorney and a divorce attorney for incidents that occurred within a two-day span. What led to an arrest and a divorce in less than 48 hours?

Michelle Branch Arrested for Domestic Assault

On August 11, 2022, police were called to the home of Michelle Branch and her husband, The Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney. The couple, married for three years, lives in an upscale neighborhood in Forest Hills located in Nashville, Tennessee, with their children.

Court documents obtained by US Weekly described the scene.

Branch and Carney had been arguing at another location. The fight continued when they got home. The argument escalated, and Branch reportedly hit Carney in the face “one or two times.” Carney confirmed that Branch hit him. He seemed to suffer no physical injuries as police officers noted that Carney did not have visible injuries.

Branch was arrested on a misdemeanor domestic assault charge and taken into police custody. She was quickly released on the same day on $1,000 bail.

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Michelle Branch Announces Divorce

On August 12, 2022, shortly after returning home from jail, Branch filed for divorce from Carney.

Branch’s filing cited “irreconcilable differences.”

The same day, Branch tweeted, “Just found out my husband cheated on me … while I was home with our 6-month-old daughter.” The Tweet was later deleted.

Branch and Carney share two children, a four-year-old son and a six-month-old daughter. WKRN reported that Branch is seeking primary custody of the two children in addition to child support.

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Court Dismisses Michelle Branch’s Domestic Assault Charges

Branch was arrested in Tennessee, so her case is dictated by Tennessee law. Under Tennessee law, Branch could face fines and jail time for the domestic assault charge. The Class A misdemeanor faces penalties of up to 11 months and 29 days in jail and a $15,000 fine. The Class B misdemeanor faces penalties of up to six months in jail and a $500 fine.

In Florida, domestic violence is defined under statute 741.28 as, “any assault, aggravated assault, battery, aggravated battery, sexual assault, sexual battery, stalking, aggravated stalking, kidnapping, false imprisonment, or any criminal offense resulting in physical injury or death of one family or household member by another family or household member.”

Under Florida law, domestic charges can lead to penalties such as:

  • Probation
  • Jail time
  • Community service
  • Loss of rights such as a concealed carry permit
  • Enrollment in Batterer’s Intervention Program (BIP)
  • No contact orders

At this time, Branch will face no legal consequences in Tennessee for the charges.

Just two weeks after Branch was arrested on the misdemeanor domestic assault charge, the case was dropped “at the request of the state.” A Nashville judge dismissed the case during an August 2022 hearing.

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Moving Forward with Divorce Proceedings

With the criminal charges out of the way, Branch can now focus back on her divorce proceedings.

Branch is seeking primary custody of the two children she shares with Carney, in addition to child support. She also requested that Carney pay her attorneys’ fees and other litigation expenses and for her to be named as a beneficiary on Carney’s life insurance.

The couple is reportedly ordered to attend a mandated parenting seminar, and Branch is seeking an agreed permanent parenting plan from the court.

As the divorce moves forward, the couple will need to work out details related to:

  • Distribution of financial assets
  • Distribution of property
  • Distribution of debts
  • Child support payments
  • Alimony payments
  • Child custody and parenting time

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Get Legal Representation You Can Trust

Within two days, Branch found herself needing both a divorce attorney and a criminal defense attorney. While her criminal case has been dismissed, she will now need to work through her divorce in the public eye. She’ll need a trusted attorney to guide her through the process.

Having an attorney you can trust is essential whether or not you are going through a legal matter in the public. If you find yourself needing assistance in either a civil or criminal matter, find an attorney who will fight for you.

Do you have a divorce or criminal case to discuss today? Request your free consultation with experienced attorney, TJ Grimaldi. Schedule your consultation or call 813-226-1023 today.

Divorce and Finances – What You Need to Know

Divorce affects couples in ways they do not always expect, often leaving them feeling stranded. If you are faced with a divorce, your finances are likely to take a hard hit. Even so, while this life decision comes with many changes, it is not impossible to navigate them. According to The Law Office of Robert B. Buchanan, divorce involves a lot of settlements and agreements and is not just emotionally uneasy. A right lawyer can make at least the procedures easy and the Michigan family law appeals to the couple to rethink and reconsider their divorce before starting to be adamant on their separation because all problems have a solution which can be found by speaking out to one another or among family members too.

Our divorce lawyers at McIntyre Thanasides Bringgold Elliott Grimaldi & Guito, P.A. are primarily concerned with one thing: getting you the help you need to make it through this transition. There are several things to remember before filing for a divorce in Spokane. As a crucial life decision, there would be a lot of things to prepare and arrange.

Before going to divorce and adoption attorneys in New Jersey, it is important to keep these three things in mind leading up to your divorce:

  1. Prepare.

Sometimes life’s circumstances require you to jump into something without laying out a game plan first. If possible, do not let that happen with your divorce. Sit down before filing and review all of your assets. Determine what is marital property and what is entirely your own. You will want to go into your divorce already aware of what is at stake so you and your divorce lawyer can handle the negotiations maturely and as easily as possible. People can click here for the different kinds of child custody during  a divorce process.

  1. Keep track of assets.

On the topic of assets, be sure to keep track of yours. Sometimes intense measures must be taken in order to assure you get to keep what is rightfully yours. If necessary, take photos of artwork, jewelry and any other item that may hold value – sentimental or monetary. Be sure to properly distinguish what items belong to whom. This will help prevent litigation over every issue, which will be easier on your bank account and your emotional health. Owning handcrafted jewelry is a great asset and one can avail some best from this site here and own exclusive jewelry.

  1. Document, document, document!

The last thing you want while dealing with a divorce is uncertainty. Make copies of all your records: bank statements, mortgages, insurance policies, tax returns, loan applications and any other financial documentation. By keeping track of these up front, it will help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed with financial management during your divorce. The lawyers for family law issues in Festus can help amicably deal with family matters. There are consulting families with the toughest situations that require immediate legal help.

The divorce attorneys at McIntyre Law Firm are here to help you with moving through your divorce as seamlessly as possible. There is no reason to let your financial worries stop you from taking care of yourself. You will have to make adjustments and develop new spending habits, but overall our lawyers are here to make your divorce as painless as possible.

If you are looking for an accomplished Tampa divorce lawyer, call our attorneys today at (844)511-4800.

Keeping an Eye on Florida Alimony Law: Changes May be Coming Soon

Florida lawmakers have approved an Alimony Reform Bill (HB 943) that has been viewed as quite controversial. The bill seeks to revamp the state’s alimony laws and terminate permanent alimony for future divorce cases in Florida as there are many marriage problems you need to solve without the interference of the court itself. Proponents of the bill believe it will put an end to varying results in similar divorce cases as well as reduce the amount of litigation involved in divorce and alimony disputes.

The bill establishes the amount and duration of alimony using formulas to identify a lower and upper range. The final determination of alimony structure will be left to the judge of course, but the idea is that shorter-term marriages will fall at the lower end of the alimony spectrum while longer marriages will fall at the higher end. There would be a presumption that marriages lasting less than two years would not result in any alimony.

The bill does allow adjustments in alimony if there is a change in income of 10{7dff60334df83244b79b5471a8769907d27e202ac622cbe5ff51878e61595e62} or more. This means that the paying spouse can seek a reduction in his or her support payment if the receiving spouse obtains a higher paying job or remarries. In contrast, the paying spouse cannot be ordered to pay more in support if he or she remarries and the new spouse has an income or if the paying spouse obtains an additional job in an effort to earn more.  The bill specifies that the total paid for both child support and alimony may not exceed 55 percent of the paying spouse’s income.

Colleen Burton, ‎State Representative of the Florida House of Representatives in Lakeland, had the following to say about the bill:

“This has been a well-studied, well-thought out bill. In the state of Florida, if a family goes through the unfortunate circumstances of divorce, it is emotionally taxing, it is financially devastating in some cases. This bill helps soften that blow.” However, people who suffer in their relationships should not hesitate to file for divorce. They can learn about proving Adultery in Maryland here or prove whatever led to the decision.

Those who oppose the alimony reform say that the proposed changes would make it impossible for mothers to leave careers to stay home with their children due to the loss of earning potential and the possibility of no means of support after divorce. By approaching the child custody lawyers in Bellaire, they will make sure that the child receives love and support from both their parents as their love and support is essential in the child’s growth which would help them to be brave and bold enough to face the future and the society.

The Florida House Judiciary Committee approved the Alimony Reform Bill in a 12 to 3 vote. This vote ends the committee hearings in the House and now there will be two Senate committees that must also approve the bill. The final bill must be approved by Governor Scott.

If Governor Scott approves the Florida House Bill 943, the law would go into effect in October 2015.

We will continue to monitor the progress of the Florida Alimony Reform Bill. If you are facing divorce or you have other family law needs, contact attorney TJ Grimaldi at McIntyre Thanasides Bringgold Elliott Grimaldi & Guito, P.A.

Divorce and what to do with the Family Home

When going through a divorce, some couples find that it desirable for one spouse to keep the family home. In such case hire family lawyers to settle down this issue. After all, the kids are comfortable living there and staying would save the expenses and hassles of moving. For other couples, however, it is too much of a financial burden for one partner to keep the house.So it is better to ask about divorce mediation process in Maryland to avoid the risks.Fortunately, there are options and tips for both types of couples.

If One Spouse Wants to Keep the House

If one spouse would like to keep the home, the first thing to do is to make sure that he or she can afford it or can approach the divorce attorneys in Jonesboro to know more options available that helps them in clearing up their financial crisis. Some spouses may be able to get a loan based on their individual income and assets. If there is enough equity in the home, the spouse can use it as collateral for the loan to buy out the other spouse.
If the house still has a mortgage, spouses who decide to stay in the house should refinance the loan in his or her own name and take the other spouse’s name off the loan. This way, the spouse moving out is freed from the loan’s obligations.

If Neither Spouse Wants the House

Sometimes for financial or personal reasons, neither spouse wants to remain in the house. The best thing to do in this case is to sell the house. While waiting for the house to sell, it is important to keep up the mortgage payments to maintain good credit.

If one spouse alone cannot afford the mortgage payments, he or she can work out an arrangement in the marriage settlement where the other spouse will contribute to the payments and be reimbursed once the house sells.
Couples who are already in financial trouble and cannot keep up with the mortgage payments may consider a short sale to get the house off their hands. This is where a lender agrees to allow the house to sell for less than the value of the mortgage. Sometimes the lender may not hold the couple responsible for difference between the value at which the house ultimately sells and the remaining mortgage balance.

Experts recommend that couples do not simply walk away from the mortgage and allow a foreclosure of the home, as both spouses’ credit ratings would be ruined for the next seven years. In addition, the lender may still be able to sue both spouses for the remaining balance.

Filing for bankruptcy is as important as getting the right domestic violence lawyer for hire. Instead of walking away from the mortgage, filing for bankruptcy can be a better option. In many cases, this allows divorced couples to renegotiate the debt.

Source: “Need to Sell your House in Divorce?” Divorce360.com

Divorce comes with a financial impact

Whether a divorce is amicable or contested, there will be added expenses after a divorce. For those couples that have children together, these expenses can be even higher. However, this should not deter a couple from filing for divorce with the consultation of divorce lawyers. Rather it is just better to plan accordingly. Iff there is child custody involved, then it is better to get lawyers for adopting in Nashville and get their help.

When talking about divorce there are a few expenses that automatically come to mind such as alimony and child support. You can visit an experienced family law lawyer in Indianapolis who understand the sensitivity of the issue, to help you out and give legal counseling.You can visit homepage to learn more. There is also the realization that instead of having a combine d income, each spouse will only have their own money.
However, there are other financial considerations to keep in mind. For example, let’s say a couple was saving together for retirement and putting a certain amount away in a retirement savings each month. Now, with the couple no longer being together, this means separate retirement savings. In order to continue saving the same amount each month, those who are now divorced will have to put even more aside. There are great lawyers that you can consult and you can find more about their family-related practice areas here o their site.

According to San Antonio area based divorce law firm, couples going through a divorce should also remember that their tax status will change. Typically, taxes are increased when going from married and filing jointly to a single status. Again, this is just something to be prepared for. The family issues help with litigation issues requires expertise of the right attorney that you can get in touch with here. The legal family issues should be sorted out amicably with the help of the right divorce lawyer – Gerald Tomassian.

Lastly, think about insurance. While the couple was married the plan may have been for one spouse to take care of the other as each grew older. However, after a divorce, to ensure care if needed, now is a good time to look into long term care insurance policies.

Of course, while this post may paint a grim picture after divorce, keep in mind that there are plenty of Florida residents who have gone through a divorce and are doing just fine financially. These points are not meant to scare anyone, but rather the idea is the more information the better.
Any attorney who has experience handling the many different aspects of family law can also be a great resource when it comes to making decisions that will impact the future.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Five ways divorce will impact your finances”, Stuart Pfeifer, March 28, 2013