what_to_do_motorcycle_accidentYou didn’t see them coming. You are cruising down the street on your motorcycle. You’re obeying the rules of the road. You’re not driving recklessly. You’re alert. You’re simply enjoying an evening journey to your destination. However, as you make a turn onto that busy street, the car besides you cuts you off and you plow into him. Wham! If you are conscious at this point, you are likely in a considerable amount of pain. Your bike’s damaged and your health is uncertain. What now?
In accidents involving a motorcycle, like all accidents, victims need to be properly represented and have their health attended to. They also have to have the facts of the accident reported accurately with the help of injury and defense lawyers in order to receive compensation. However, motorcycle accidents are complex because of the potentially violent nature of the crash and the perception of motorcyclists among police officers, insurance adjusters and the general public. Based on the advice given by car accident lawyers, below are a list actions to take should you become a victim of a motorcycle accident:

  1. Make sure that you are ok: Some motorcycle accidents happen in the middle of the street, so it’s important to make sure that you get out of the flow of traffic. You also need to determine if you need to go to the hospital or not. Motorcycle accidents have a tendency to be more detrimental to the motorcyclist because their vehicles put them in a more vulnerable position. So the likelihood is strong that even if you feel ok, you should still seek medical attention. One might have to hire injury lawyers from Hilbrich Law Firm in such accident or injury cases.
  2. Contact the police: Whether you are injured or not, it’s a good idea to contact law enforcement to give them the details of the accident. Assuming that you weren’t at fault in the accident, this account will be a big part of you receiving the compensation you deserve down the road. Here are the experts from Law Office of Glenn C. McGovern in Metairie, LA in case you need legal advice.
  3. Take as many photos as possible as quickly as possible: These photos are critical in terms of providing an accurate account of the accident. You want to take as many as possible because you never know what photo can prove instrumental in a successful claim. You want to take them quickly because once the accident scene is cleaned up, it will be difficult to piece together accident details and you will be left with the personal accounts of those involved in the crash.
  4.  Gather witnesses: By that same token, it’s critical that you pursue witnesses in the moments after your accident. They will be able to give their account of the crash and help you build a strong case to go with any photos and your personal account. These witnesses may leave as soon as a police officer arrives so it’s important to get their cooperation quickly and encourage them to make a statement to law enforcement.
  5. Contact your insurance company: You must get the claims process started quickly, but it’s important to be strategic in doing so. Never admit to fault in the accident or say that you are “ok”. These statements can work against you in regards to your claim. Also, wait for a period of time before repairing your motorcycle. You may be entitled to compensation for damages. It’s important to remember that the insurance company is working on their behalf, not yours. While, under the right circumstances, you will likely receive what you deserve, part of how an insurance company stays profitable is by reducing the amount of money it pays out for the endless amount of claims it receives each day.
  6. Contact a motorcycle accident attorney: The best way to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve following a motorcycle accident is to contact an attorney who specializes in these types of personal injury cases.

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