Tonya Pitts on Real Estate Unplugged

Recently, Tonya Pitts, a Sarasota consumer rights attorney, appeared on the Real Estate Unplugged Show with Kay Winefordner. Real Estate Unplugged is a weekly radio show that can be found on WSRQ (106.9 FM and 1220 AM) in Sarasota. The interview can be found here.

During the interview Pitts touched on a number of topics of pertinent to consumers and gave sage advice for anyone dealing with debt or debt collectors. The following topics were covered during the interview:

  • What Pitts does as a consumer right attorney: Pitts discusses in detail how she defends clients in situations involving credit reporting, debt collection, foreclosure and bankruptcy. With social media being a powerful tool to pass on the information, The Law Offices Of Michael H. Pham Facebook Page shows promising results when a needy victim approaches them with a case.
  • Consumer right when dealing with debt collection agencies: Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware that they actually do have rights when dealing with debt collectors. For instance, if a debt collector sues you to reclaim a debt, you can countersue them. If they have done something that’s in violation of your consumer rights, your likelihood of winning the case increases.
  • How it is determined that a debt collector has violated your rights: Pitts gives tips for determining if debt collection agencies are in violation and discusses how she defends her clients’ rights in these cases.
  • Tips for dealing with debt collection agencies: Did you know that you can tell a debt collection agency to stop calling you? You can. Pitts gives those and other tips to quell the aggravation of dealing with debt collection agencies.
  • The bankruptcy process: Pitts demystified the bankruptcy process by explaining step by step what happens when she works with clients.
  • How to keep lawyers on task when talking with you: Pitts even gave a little advice on preventing lawyers from charging you when not talking about your case.

If you are facing a bankruptcy, foreclosure or the harassing tactics of a debt collector, contact the consumer rights attorneys at McIntyre Thanasides Bringgold Elliott Grimaldi & Guito, P.A. Their personal and precise approach will give you the results you need. Contact them today at 844-511-4800.