Uninsured And Undersinsured Drivers In Florida

Despite all the laws and regulations in place, a substantial number of Florida’s financially challenged drivers do not have liability insurance. Liability insurance is the coverage that extends to third parties injured by the uninsured driver. Current statistics reflect that approximately 23% of Florida’s drivers do not have the required coverage which is mandated to protect you and your family if they are at fault in a motor vehicle accident.
There are some very prudent things you can do to protect yourself, more than just wearing your seat belt and watching out for the other driver. Call your insurance agent and make sure you have Uninsured Motorist Coverage. In its simplest form, you are buying an inexpensive third party liability insurance coverage for the uninsured driver who may hit your car next week. The personal injury lawyer based in New York can help with any kind of accident or injury case.

Another scenario is being struck by an at fault driver who does not have enough liability insurance to cover the personal injuries sustained by you or your family member. This type of driver in ‘under-insured’
What if I had an accident with an uninsured driver and didn’t have this coverage? Florida law is very specific what it takes to ‘reject’ this specific coverage. The law requires a knowing, written rejection. If you have had an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver, your Uninsured Motorist Coverage would kick in and give you the opportunity to make a good formal claim and settlement with your own insurer.

UM coverage is often times your only meaningful remedy to recover damages for your injuries as these uninsured or underinsured drivers rarely have any significant financial resources or assets to pursue for serious personal injuries or death. UM coverage will pay for your damages including lost wages, medical bills for care and treatment and when the situation requires, for a wrongful death, as if the uninsured driver actually had the required insurance coverage.

UM Claims, as they are called require a level of competence, tenacity and in some cases, creativity in establishing Uninsured Motorist coverage. Perhaps the agent made a mistake and did not comply with Florida law in not obtaining your proper rejection of this coverage. This UM coverage may be your only remedy to be made whole and collect damages.