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No More Selfie Sticks at Disney World

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In an effort to curb injuries, Walt Disney World has banned the use of selfie sticks from certain rides last week.  It posted a “No Selfie Sticks” sign at the Magic Kingdom’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad after several incidents occurred that caused the ride to be shut down.

The theme park’s policy forbids visitors from using the sticks, which can be used to extend cameras out for up to 3 feet, on its rides. According to a Disney spokesperson, guests can bring selfie sticks on the rides but must securely stow them.

Similar signs have been posted at Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland in California.

While no reported injuries have yet been filed in the incident reports at Orlando’s theme parks, it is probably fair to assume that several minor injuries have occurred as a result of these handheld extension devices.  Theme parks do have regulations when it comes to reporting injuries and surprisingly, they do not need to report those that do not result in an overnight hospital stay.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the latest quarterly report released by major theme parks listed six injuries by Disney World and were only those that were the result of a hospital stay that lasted more than 24 hours.  This rules out any injuries that required an emergency room visit as long as the patient did not stay overnight.

From a legal perspective, it is understandable that Disney World and other amusement parks are taking preventative measures with respect to the increased use of selfie sticks to avoid future injuries. The amusement park is looking out for patrons that are using selfie sticks on rides that could potentially cause themselves and others harm.

If you visit the park this summer, don’t be surprised to see signs that read “No Selfie Sticks” in front of some of your favorite rides.

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