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My Car Has Been Recalled – What Now?

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Fiat Chrysler is facing record fines after announcing their latest recall of over two-dozen models. The company must buy back over 500,000 defective vehicles. Some vehicles impacted by the recall are Ram pickups and Jeep Cherokees from the 1990’s. The total civil fine the automaker faces is up to $105 million. The company’s most popular vehicle, the Ram pickup, has been identified to have defective steering parts that can cause drivers to lose control. The older Jeep models have issues with the fuel engine that could result in fire in a crash. Some repairs have been unsuccessful in correcting these issues, which is why Fiat Chrysler is forced to offer a buyback option.

If you are impacted by Fiat Chrysler’s massive recall, or another automobile maker’s recall, what exactly should you do? Typically, the first thing you’ll receive is a letter in the mail notifying you of your vehicle’s recall by the manufacturer.

The following items will be covered in the recall letter:

  • A description of the vehicle defect
  • Any potential risk that could be caused by the defect (this includes types of accidents and injuries that could occur if the defect is not fixed)
  • What to look for with respect to the defect
  • How the vehicle will be repaired (or whether the manufacturer intends to replace)
  • Instructions on handling the repair or replacement

The first thing you will want to do is carefully read through the instructions, which often will indicate for you to schedule an appointment with an authorized dealer by a certain date. The more serious the defect, the sooner you should take care of this matter to protect you and your family’s safety. All recall-related repairs should be taken care of free of charge.

You can learn more about vehicle recalls and conduct a VIN look-up to see whether your vehicle has been affected by visiting

If you have been negatively impacted by a vehicle recall or involved in an automobile accident due to a vehicle defect, contact TJ Grimaldi at McIntyre Thanasides Bringgold Elliott Grimaldi & Guito, P.A. today to discuss your case.

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