When you click on that familiar Uber or Lyft logo and indicate where you are and where you want to go, there’s an assumption of ease. Most of the time, you’re picked up from your location quickly by a clean car that takes you to your destination for a fraction of the price. Generally, a pleasant experience. However, Ubers, Lyfts and other ride share cars are driven on the same roads with thousands of drivers each day. Crashes happen and when they do you may face a set of circumstances that differ from a typical car crash.

If you are in an Uber car and your driver gets in to a crash with another driver or a pedestrian, there are a set of procedures that you must follow to have the best chance to receive compensation. However, there are no guarantees. After a car crash in an Uber:

  1. Report the crash immediately: This step doesn’t differ from when you get into a crash with your own vehicle. However, along with contacting the police by making a call after a traffic accident and, eventually filing a claim with your insurance company, your driver will required to contact Uber to inform them of the crash. When dealing with Uber and other ride share platforms, it’s important to note that they are attempting to absolve themselves of as much responsibility as possible for crashes. Here’s a great post to read before hiring an accident attorney. One way they are attempting to do this is by lobbying state government to designate Uber drivers as independent contractors instead of employees. If they are considered independent contractors, Uber will not be held responsible should drivers get into car crashes. The responsibility would fall on the driver and their insurance company. However, they would be responsible if the drivers are considered employees of the company, just as businesses are responsible for their delivery drivers. At the time this article was written, legislation in Florida was still pending.
  2. Seek medical attention: Even if you don’t think that you’re injured, it’s important to seek medical attention. Injuries, at times, don’t appear until days later.
  3. Dealing with Uber and Insurance: Uber and other rideshare companies have insurance that covers passengers in case of injury while being transported. A representative of ride share’s insurance company will contact you in the days after the accident to receive information about the crash and assess the situation.
  4. Talk to an attorney: Receiving compensation from Uber’s insurance company or from an Uber driver may prove challenging. Ridesharing companies deal with numerous claims. They will work diligently to deny your claim. The driver’s insurance may not allow them to use their car for business purposes (a recent study showed that 77 percent of ride share drivers don’t have additional ridesharing insurance coverage). It’s critical to have representation on your side that will work diligently to ensure that the rideshare company is held accountable.

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