With so many mentions of Sean “Diddy” Combs and his court cases lately, it can be difficult to keep track of the music mogul’s legal troubles.

What are the cases against Combs, and what does it mean that a grand jury may soon hear the allegations against him?

Multiple Civil Cases Accuse Combs of Abuse

In the past year, civil cases against Sean “Diddy” Combs have started to pile up.

Multiple women have sued Combs for behavior that includes abuse, sexual assault, and rape. All of the cases have been filed in civil court where there is no potential for jail time. If Combs were to be found guilty in any civil case, the consequences would be financial damages awarded to the plaintiff from Combs, not jail time for Combs.

Parties can also settle a civil suit out of court, which is what happened with the case filed against Combs by his former girlfriend, Cassie Venture Case.

In November 2023, Ventura filed a $30 million lawsuit against Combs. The lawsuit said Combs physically abused Venture and held “complete control” over her personal and professional life. Venture said she tried to end their relationship in 2018, at which time Combs forced her back into the house and raped her. Combs denied all allegations. It took one day for the case to be settled outside of court for an undisclosed amount, per reporting by CNN.

At least six other civil suits accusing Combs of abuse have been filed after Ventura’s case. Combs has also been named in a sexual assault lawsuit against his son, per CNN.

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Federal Agents Raid Combs’ Homes

The civil cases against Combs are not supported by state or federal investigations. The cases are brought by individuals, and the individuals and their attorneys hold the burden of proving their case.

Now, federal agents have started to look into the allegations against Combs, seemingly to prepare for a criminal case against him.

In March 2024, federal agents raided two of Combs’ homes. Combs was not home when agents went into his homes in Los Angeles and Miami and seized property to use in their investigation.

The raids were conducted by Homeland Security Investigations agency (HSI) who has declined to give details about the investigation. But a source close to the investigation said at least four individuals have been interviewed by federal officials in relation to the allegations of sex trafficking, sexual assault, and the solicitation and distribution of illegal narcotics and firearms.

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A Violent Video Is Released

Venture’s civil case against Combs lasted for only one day before it was settled outside of court. Many of the details of the case weren’t made public, but months later, CNN released a video showing some of the behavior alleged in Venture’s case.

The surveillance video from a hotel showed Combs physically shoving, hitting, and dragging Ventura in 2016.

While Combs has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, he could not deny his actions captured in the video. He released an apology video through his social media account shortly after the release of the footage.

A Grand Jury Could Be Coming Up

With more people coming forward with stories about Combs’ abuse and investigators collecting evidence from his home, it appears federal agents are building a criminal case against Combs.

CNN reported that a federal grand jury may soon hear details of the case.

A grand jury is a legal body made up of everyday citizens who are brought in to hear details of potential criminal conduct and determine whether criminal charges should be filed. The primary function of a grand jury is to review evidence presented by the prosecutor and determine whether there is sufficient cause (probable cause) to believe that a crime has been committed.

Grand jury proceedings are usually conducted in secret. This confidentiality protects the reputation of potential defendants if the jury does not indict, encourages witnesses to speak freely without fear of retaliation, and prevents the accused from fleeing or tampering with evidence.

Due to the secretive nature of grand jury meetings, it is unknown if and when the jury will meet, but sources say that it is likely that some of Combs’ accusers will be brought to testify in front of the grand jury.

CNN has reported that the scope of the investigation is focused on sex trafficking, money laundering, and illegal drugs in addition to physical and sexual abuse. If reporting is correct, a grand jury will soon hear from witnesses and be presented with evidence taken during the federal raid.

If the grand jury decides there is enough evidence to support the charges, prosecutors would then issue an indictment and formally charge Combs with one or more crimes.

If criminally charged, Combs would then face the potential of jail time if found guilty of the allegations against him.

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