Five Things You Should Look For to Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents on Stairs

People slip, trip and fall on stairs all the time. Property owners may be liable for accidents on stairs, yet there are a number of additional dangers — some hidden and some more obvious, you should consider. If your workplace or the building you reside in has stairs, it is important to pay attention to the areas we identify below. Contact legal advisers like Clark Law and Associates in Portland for more information on the legal side of workplace accidents.

Falls on Stairs Can Lead to Serious Injuries

There are a variety of ways slip and fall accidents can occur and each type should be taken seriously. On stairs, however, the falls can be particularly painful and dangerous, especially if greater heights are involved in the fall. Injuries could include broken bones, sprains and bruises. In more serious falls, head, facial and even spinal injuries may be sustained, and you should seek the help of an attorney right away.

Problems with Stairs That Could Lead to Injury

Some slip and fall accidents occur when a person simply missteps, causing them to fall down the stairs. In other instances, the fall may be the result of problems with the building or property itself. Below are the five issues you should look for in order to avoid slip and falls on stairs:

  1. Slippery or Wet Steps – If there is moisture of any kind on a step or a landing, whether a spilled drink or some other form of liquid, it is much more likely for a person to lose his or her footing and fall while taking the stairs.
  2. Uneven Steps – If steps are unevenly spaced, surfaced, or have an unusual slant, it could cause issues with maintaining your balance and a slip and fall may result.
  3. Missing or Defective bannister – A bannister is key for preventing falls from happening. When a staircase or stairwell lacks an appropriate bannister, slip and falls are much more likely to occur.
  4. Insufficient Lighting – If the stairwell is not properly lit and you have difficulty seeing in front of you, you could easily lose your footing or miss a step, increasing the chances of falling and hurting yourself.
  5. Poor Maintenance – Steps, rails, bannisters, and other structures along a stairway need to be sound in design and construction. When the integrity of these structures is not maintained over time, problems develop and people become more likely to fall and injure themselves.

Filing a Premises Liability Lawsuit

Recent changes in Florida law have made slip and fall lawsuits more difficult to pursue, making an experienced slip and fall attorney essential to securing a fair claim or settlement. If you have experienced a serious injury as a result of a fall down the stairs at a business, private property, or other establishment, it’s important that you seek legal representation to assist you in filing a premises liability lawsuit. Attorneys at McIntyre Thanasides Bringgold Elliott Grimaldi & Guito, P.A. will work closely with you to seek compensation for injuries sustained as a result of your fall down the stairs. Contact attorney TJ Grimaldi today to review your case.