Retired NFL players who have qualifying medical conditions now have the outlet, through the NFL Concussion Settlement, to file claims and receive compensation for the physical sacrifices they made for the game. This is an uncapped settlement, approved by Federal District Judge Anita Brody, which offers up to $5 million per person, based on age and disease. If you or someone you know has played for the NFL, contact a NFL concussion attorney today to secure your rights in this settlement before it’s too late.

It is strongly recommended that all retired NFL players register in the settlement regardless of whether they ever file a claim. If you do not register in the settlement before August 7, 2007, you will never be able to make a claim, even if your symptoms occur years in the future.


What is the NFL Concussion Settlement?

In this lawsuit, Plaintiffs claimed that retired NFL players experienced head trauma during their NFL careers, resulting in brain injuries. Plaintiffs accused the NFL Parties of being aware of the evidence and risks associated with repetitive traumatic brain injuries, but failed to warn and protect players against the long-term risks. The NFL Parties denied these claims. After extensive settlement negotiations, plaintiffs and the NFL Parties agreed to the Settlement. Benefits of the Settlement are three-fold:
• The Baseline Assessment Program, providing baseline neurological exams, medical testing, and treatment.
• Monetary Awards for diagnoses of death with CTE, ALS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia.
• Educational Programs, providing $10 million in funding to promote safety and injury prevention with respect to football players, including initiatives in youth football.

Over the next six months, the NFL must make six monthly deposits of $20 million into a special account for players covered by the Settlement. If one is planning on taking out a loan, they can contact experts that can help make the right decision.

How can I register for the NFL Concussion Settlement?

If you do not Register by the August 7, 2017 deadline, you will not be eligible for any benefits.

Although it is possible to apply for compensation from the NFL Concussion Settlement without an attorney, it is wise to have an experienced NFL Concussion attorney on your side. The process is more complex than just applying and collecting a check. In order to ensure that you receive the maximum amount you are owed, contact the McIntyre Law Firm. Call us today at 844-511-4800.