Can I Flight a Red Light Camera Ticket in Florida

Red light cameras have been causing a stir over the last few years as critics have challenged their safety, accuracy, and how constitutional they are. In Florida alone, law enforcement agencies processed more than 300,000 red light tickets in 2015 – a 20% increase from the following year.

When a vehicle passes over an intersection at a red light, a sensor is activated, triggering the camera. The camera photographs the license plate and the driver, which is sent via mail as a citation to the vehicle’s registered owner’s address.

If you’ve been charged with a red light camera citation, there are a few things you should know. If you want trusted legal representation, the attorneys at McIntyre Thanasides are experienced in handling red light tickets and can help you with the details of your case. Here are a few items to consider when contesting a red light ticket.

  1. The photos: This is the first line of defense in fighting a red light ticket, as the camera will not only photograph the license plate of the vehicle in question, but the driver behind the wheel as well. Examine the photos closely. Is the license plate clearly legible? Are you in fact driving the vehicle? In some cases, you may have lent your car out to a friend or neighbor, and weren’t driving at the time. The responsibility of a red light ticket violation is not automatically the vehicle’s owner, but rather, the person operating the vehicle at that time.
  2. The device: If you are ticketed, the enforcing agent should provide evidence that the camera and sensors were working properly on the day your citation was issued. Be sure that the enforcing agent should be able to this evidence at trial, otherwise it could suggest a device malfunction.
  3. The situation: Driving is a complex task that requires drivers to adapt and react accordingly to changes in their environment. If you ran a red light because it was raining and the road was too slick to stop in time, or you did so to avoid being hit by another car, you must say so. Explaining safety concerns and demonstrating an avoidance to cause a crash can be valid claims in disputing a red light ticket.

Depending on your situation and circumstances, you may be able to get out of a Florida red light ticket. If you have received a citation in the mail, contact the experienced attorneys at McIntyre Thanasides to help you navigate the best course of action. Our lawyers are here to serve you, call today at (844)511-4800.

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  • Jonathan Ursi says:

    Keep getting harassing phone calls from a creditor. Apparently I have a Red Light Ticket from February 4, 2015. I never received the citation in the mail. Why am I getting this two years later? Called a red light ticket clinic and they can’t do anything because the ticket is in collections. I contacted the County Clerks Office and I can’t schedule a court date because the ticket is in collections and because it’s over a year old. I went to the Court Office in person today after waiting over an hour and asked for a motion of relief and the court told me I can use their law library. So confused here. I believe I am owed due process and I am not going to pay out almost $500.00 when I never received a notice or was allowed the opportunity to contest the ticket in court. Will pay if I am wrong but can someone please help me? I am Active Military and trying to do the right thing here.