Nothing is more difficult than dealing with the loss of a loved one. It is a painful and stressful time as you reconcile the personal loss while also taking on the numerous legal tasks and decisions that come with the passing of a family member. If you are responsible for a deceased family member’s estate, whether they left a will or not, the probate attorneys at McIntrye are here to help.

Our probate attorneys have the skills and experience necessary to guide you through the probate process. Probate involves the administration of a deceased person’s estate and orderly distribution of assets. When an individual passes away, their possessions (money, property, physical possessions, etc.) must be distributed to surviving family members. Our expert team can help direct this process so it is executed quickly and with less stress for family members.

In situations where the deceased had a will in place (testate), an executor will carry out the details of the will. If there is no will in place (intestate), the deceased’s assets are turned over to the state, who determines how they should be distributed. In either case, having a probate lawyer looking out for you is critical. We work closely with executors, administrators, heirs, and beneficiaries to ensure that the probate process is executed smoothly and in accordance with the law.

McIntyre probate attorneys can also guide you through the process of contesting a will. At times, the ability of family members or non-family members to make a claim to an individual’s estate may be called into question. The mental fitness of an individual when making decisions about their estate may also be questioned. We can build a strategy that properly assesses the circumstances of the will and create a plan to defend your rights to a loved one’s estate. Our goal is to guide families through probate with sensitivity and efficiency, minimizing stress and ensuring that the final wishes of the deceased are honored.

If someone you loved has passed away and you want to ensure their estate is handled properly, talk to the probate attorneys at McIntyre Law Firm. Call us at 813-223-0000 or contact us today.

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