No one plans to become an assault victim, which is why many people are left confused or unsure what to do in the wake of an incident. According to the statements given by a psychiatrist, assaults cause both physical and mental trauma that can make it hard for victims to determine their next steps. If you or someone you know has been a victim of assault, immediately follow these three steps to ensure your safety and bring the attacker to justice.

Immediately Seek Medical Attention

The first step after any form of assault is to seek medical attention, even if you’re unsure about the extent of your wounds. Many problems don’t show immediate symptoms, and you could put your life at risk by avoiding medical care.

The professionals at McIntyre Thanasides are first and foremost concerned with your health and safety. Any other step can wait until medical professionals have treated any issues and deemed you healthy enough to leave their care.

Seeking medical attention immediately can also help your case in the future, as you will have documented proof of any effects the assault had on your physical and mental health.

Document Your Experience as Soon as Possible

After you are in a safe location and have received medical treatment, document the experience to the best of your ability. There are two important ways to do this:

  • Take photos or video. Images of your injuries and signs of a struggle can help the police and prosecutors understand your case.
  • Write down the entire experience. Include as much detail as possible. While it’s traumatic having to relive your ordeal, your memory is sharpest immediately after an assault.

After creating written and visual documents on the assault, you can return to these notes when you meet with police and prosecutors. The written record reduces the likelihood that you won’t remember a key detail or convince yourself that the situation was different than you thought.

Find an Experienced Attorney You Can Trust

In the wake of an assault, you’re likely to talk to dozens of medical professionals, law enforcement officers, and friends or family members. Knowing what steps to take can be confusing, and you could make mistakes that could hurt your case. By hiring a professional attorney who focuses on assault cases, you can make sure you’re making the right choices to bring your attacker to justice.

The longer you wait to complete these steps following an assault, the more you will struggle to make your case. If you need legal help following an assault, call the personal injury attorneys of McIntyre Thanasides at 844-511-4800 to discuss your case.