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Tampa Bay Times: Widow’s attorney complains of delays in ‘stand your ground’ theater shooting case

attorney_tj_grimaldiAttorney and partner TJ Grimaldi of McIntyre Thanasides was featured in the Tampa Bay Times’ latest news story regarding updates to the highly controversial Curtis Reeves’ Stand Your Ground case.



T.J. Grimaldi, who represents Nicole Oulson, was reacting to a suggestion that Reeves might qualify for another chance at a self-defense claim under Florida’s retooled “stand your ground” law, after having been turned down once.

“I am almost at a loss for words over the constant unnecessary delays in this case,” Grimaldi wrote to the Tampa Bay Times.

“While sitting in the status hearing the other day, it was painfully transparent that the defense is delaying this case for two hopeful outcomes: one, force the prosecutors to provide a plea deal; or two, wait for Mr. Reeves to become frail and/or too sick to stand trial.”

Nearly four years have passed since a confrontation over a mobile phone at the Cobb Grove 16 cinemas ended in gunfire, killing Chad Oulson. His widow sued the theater, and Grimaldi represents her in that case.

Additionally, Reeves, 75, faces a second-degree murder trial.

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