Curtis Reeves’ “Stand Your Ground” Motion Denied in Popcorn Movie Theatre Shooting


Curtis Reeves’ “Stand Your Ground” Motion Denied in Popcorn Movie Theatre Shooting

Reeves will face a jury trial

TAMPA, FL. (March 10th, 2017) – Judge Susan G. Barthle entered an order today denying Curtis Reeves’ “Stand Your Ground” defense regarding the 2014 movie theatre shooting where Reeves shot and killed Chad Oulson. Reeves will now face a jury trial for the murder of Oulson.

The order is based on a combination of physical evidence presented in the court, in addition to Reeves’ contradicting testimony.

“In addition to the video evidence and testimony that directly contradicted the defendant’s testimony, other facts tended to show that he was not in fear of great bodily harm or death,” writes Judge Barthle.

“His conduct demonstrated that he was not afraid of the alleged victim: the defendant initiated contact with the alleged victim on at least three occasions and was not concerned about leaving his wife there alone when he went to talk to the manager. As he was trained extensively in handling firearms and dealing with conflict situations, he was far better prepared than the average person to deal with situations such as this one.”

Nicole Oulson, who was shot in her wedding finger by the same bullet that killed her husband, attended the two-week hearing alongside her attorney, TJ Grimaldi of McIntyre Thanasides Bringgold Elliott Grimaldi & Guito.

Oulson’s family has been waiting three years since Reeves pulled the trigger for the hearing to take place.

“Nicole and I are very happy that justice was served this morning when the judge concluded that Stand Your Ground does not apply to Curtis Reeves, and that the case will be presented before a jury to determine his fate,” says Mr. Grimaldi.

“Nicole and I want to thank the three prosecutors for their hard work and dedication to this case. Unfortunately, we expect the defense to appeal the ruling and know that this case will continue to drag on.”

For the full written order, visit the McIntyre Thanasides Press Page.

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