Tampa Student Loan Debt Attorneys

A skilled student loan attorney can help you with debt relief. We offer actionable steps and solutions to move you forward if you’re overwhelmed, have been sued, or are dealing with a complicated legal issue arising from student loan debts you have accrued. At McIntyre Thanasides Bringgold Elliott Grimaldi & Guito, P.A., we are proficient in both federal and private student loan debt relief options and programs. If you’re dealing with delinquency or default, filing for bankruptcy, or applying for a disability discharge, contact us for a case consultation and take the first step forward.

How an Attorney can help with your student loan debt

Harassing letters, phone calls, or other correspondence with debt collectors may leave you overwhelmed and feeling upset, but there are several ways we can help. Here are a few of the actions our attorneys can take to help resolve your student loan debts starting today:

  • Communicate and negotiate with student loan holders and debt collectors
  • Protect you from abusive debt collectors
  • Litigate student loan-related matters, e., defend a collections lawsuit against you or sue a school or agency for legal violations
  • Resolve delinquencies or defaults, or apply for a discharge
  • Handle credit disputes
  • Provide legal advice and guidance regarding your rights and options

President Trump's Student Loan Default Penalty

Under the new presidential administration, the laws regarding student loans are changing. You must have an expert attorney on your side to update you and clarify all the ramifications these changes may have on your loan. The latest law is the Withdrawal of Dear Colleague Letter. The Education Department, under the Trump administration, revoked rules put in place by Obama in 2015 that barred student loan debt collectors from charging penalty fees up to 16% on past-due loans provided they enter into the government’s loan rehabilitation program within 60 days of default. Does this new law affect you?

Defaulting on student loans has severe consequences, such as wage garnishment, inability to pass employment verification checks, and seizure of tax refunds. The student loan debt relief attorneys at McIntyre Thanasides Bringgold Elliott & Grimaldi, P.A. would be happy to assist you in reviewing, evaluating, and finding ways to ease the financial burden of your student loan debt.

For more information on how we can assist you, contact our Tampa Student Loan Debt Attorneys at 844-511-4800 for a free case evaluation today.

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