Commercial Trucking Accidents

Commercial trucking accidents involving tractor-trailers, semi-trucks or other types of commercial truck vehicles can be severe and cause immediate and devastating consequences. These crashes can be caused by aggressive driving by truck drivers, the failure of a truck driver to adhere to traffic safety laws, cellular phone use while driving, drinking and driving, or a failure of a truck driver to maintain a reasonable awareness of his or her surroundings.

Commercial trucks can weigh anywhere from 20 to 40 times the weight of the vehicles that they collide with on our Florida roadways. These truck crashes can often be traced back to a failure on the part of the driver or the trucking company to follow laws that were specifically enacted to prevent the injuries they have caused. Each and every driver and motor carrier operating a commercial motor vehicle, including straight trucks, tractors and semi-trailers (“semis” or “18-wheelers”) must follow specific laws, as set forth in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, which are stricter than the laws that apply to regular automobiles and drivers.

Why do you need an experienced trucking lawyer to handle your case? Because a trucking company will spare no expense when it comes to immediately investigating the crash and preparing its defense. They will hire attorneys, engineers, and trucking experts, often times while our clients are still in the hospital trying to recover after the crash. You need attorneys with the resources and ability to meet and exceed the trucking company’s efforts. You need attorneys who will know which documents to request and which questions to ask. Our attorneys know the laws that trucking companies are required to follow and have taken truck accident cases to trial on behalf of both trucking companies and plaintiffs, and have experience investigating and litigating truck crashes throughout the State of Florida and the nation.

It is important that you meet with a truck accident attorney as soon as possible to evaluate your case, since there are deadlines for filing a truck accident claim.