Tampa Intellectual Property Lawyer – Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents

The products of your creativity and mental labor, known as intellectual property (IP), can often be tricky to protect, and yet often hold great personal meaning or monetary worth. At McIntyre Thanasides Bringgold Elliott Grimaldi Guito & Matthews, P.A., our Tampa IP attorneys are experts in protecting your intangible assets at the local and federal level. Just like property or real estate, you have exclusive rights to your intellectual property. Protections exist to incentivize the continued production of creative work. At McIntyre Thanasides, we will help you secure and enforce your legal rights. Because the legal protection of IP is based on patents, copyrights, and trademarks, it is important you receive assistance from a specialist in the required field.

Florida Copyright Laws

Our Tampa copyright attorneys will work with you to protect your creative work. This can include a variety of forms of both written and artistic pieces. A work does not necessarily need to be published to be protected by copyright laws. The production of a creative piece is enough to grant the producer exclusive rights. A copyright will usually last for the entire duration of your life, and then an additional 70 years.


Useful when distinguishing brands, and avoiding misleading advertising, trademarks protect the name, symbol, or design that identifies a certain company, good, or service. Work with our Tampa trademark attorneys, and know that your trademark is protected.


If you do not enforce your intellectual property rights against infringers, you may lose them. You need a plan to identify and pursue infringing entities to preserve and protect your intellectual property. Our intellectual property lawyers will help you to do that in an economical and effective fashion.

At McIntyre Thanasides, we will work with you to protect your product, whether it is an invention, brand name, or form of artistic expression. Contact us today at (844) 511-4800 for a consultation with one of our experienced IP attorneys.