Vehicle Impoundment

Florida law requires a person convicted of DUI to have their vehicle impounded or immobilized for a period of time as part of their sentence, depending on the particular offense they are convicted of. In most cases, a court authorized agent will come out to your vehicle and attach a device designed to immobilize your car wherever it is parked, either with a wheel boot or steering wheel lock.

This requirement applies to the vehicle you used to commit the DUI offense. If you no longer own that vehicle, you must substitute your current vehicle, if you have one, in its place. If the vehicle you used was not your own, or if it is a vehicle needed for use by another innocent co-owner or family member or other party, it may be possible to avoid this provision of the law. Your attorney can explain to you when and how you can do this.

For a first offense, the length of time required for immobilization is 10 days. For a second offense within 5 years, it is 30 days. For a Felony third offense or higher, it is 90 days.