DUI School

If you are convicted of any DUI offense, you will be required to complete a Level I DUI school course as part of your sentence. The first offender school is a 12-hour course for offenders who have had one alcohol or drug-related traffic arrest/conviction. It is intended to increase awareness of issues to the use of alcohol and drugs, substance abuse, and the effect and consequences of chemical dependency, both personally and socially. The course also deals specifically with driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, gives a definition of the DUI problem, defines the roles of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, law enforcement and the judiciary, and discusses community treatment resources.

The course will cost you $253.00 in Hillsborough County and you will not only have to complete it to finish your probation successfully, you will need the completion certificate to obtain a hardship license while your driver’s license is under suspension, or to get your actual license back once the suspension period ends.

If you have a prior DUI, you will be required to take the Level II DUI Course, which is 21 hours long and costs $397.00 in Hillsborough County. These courses are available in all Florida counties, and a completion certificate from any county should be honored in Florida Courts. If you reside out of state, you may be able to take an equivalent course in your home state, provided you can show proof that the course is substantially similar to the Florida courses.

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