Deferred Adjudication

In many states, there are deferred adjudication options where you can be sentenced without being convicted of an offense, and upon successful completion of that sentence, the charge can be dismissed, or you can avoid a conviction altogether. Florida has what is called “withholding of adjudication.” It is intended for first time offenders, and it essentially means that if your judge withholds adjudication on your offense, and you complete whatever sentence you receive successfully, you are not considered a convicted criminal for that case.

It also means you can take advantage of another Florida Law that allows you to remove the entire record of your arrest and prosecution for that charge from public records. If you are granted a withholding of adjudication, you can say that you have “not been convicted of a crime” when asked on job or rental home applications.

Unfortunately, by operation of Florida Law, your Judge, should you be found guilty of a DUI, is required to adjudicate you guilty. This means that if you are convicted of the offense, it will be with you for the rest of your life.

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