Why hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Experienced, Balanced and Detail-Focused Bankruptcy Counsel in Florida

In a time of serious financial pressure, and with a range of “do-it-yourself” options heavily promoted online, it is understandable that you may wonder whether you need a bankruptcy attorney or can accomplish your goals while avoiding the cost of legal counsel.

Should I hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer? It is legal for you to file your own bankruptcy case, and technically it is possible — provided you are willing to take risks such as:

  • Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy without proper analysis of your overall goals, only to learn that a Chapter 13 “reorganization” filing was the better solution for protecting your critical assets
  • Having your case dismissed, rather than getting your debts discharged, due to inaccuracies in your filing and/or an incomplete understanding of the many requirements under federal bankruptcy law
  • Finding that the requirements of your bankruptcy case are hampering your ability to do justice to your job and family obligations

We Welcome All Questions About Bankruptcy Requirements, Risk and Costs

At McIntyre Thanasides Bringgold Elliott Grimaldi Guito & Matthews, P.A., we have more than a dozen attorneys on hand in our Tampa, Temple Terrace and Sarasota locations, many of whom focus exclusively on bankruptcy law. Our firm is dedicated to looking at your case from multiple perspectives and taking every available step to ensure your success. Nearly all of our clients are concerned with the costs of our services, and we deal with that issue and your ability to pay in our very first meeting.

Even the most straightforward Chapter 7 bankruptcy case requires extreme diligence in gathering accurate information, completing forms and fulfilling all requirements. Few non-lawyers have the knowledge to create a Chapter 13 plan acceptable to the court, file the case correctly and deal with necessary hearings and potential challenges from creditors.

One of the most important factors to consider if you are asking, “Why hire a bankruptcy lawyer?” is that if your case were to be dismissed, your options for obtaining debt relief may be far more limited than they are today.