Should I file Bankruptcy?

Receive Sound Counsel From a Proven Florida Debt Relief Attorney

Different paths to debt relief suit different people’s situations. At our west central Florida law firm, we do not believe in pressuring our clients to file bankruptcy simply because that is a key business focus and core strength for us. We welcome the question, “Should I file bankruptcy?” from all kinds of people — including business owners — virtually every working day. Our lawyers take this question seriously and address it from all relevant perspectives.

Recognizing Danger Signs and Getting the Help You Need

Because each person’s overall financial situation is unique, it is essential for us to gather concrete information about yours in order to help you determine whether you qualify for bankruptcy — and whether a Chapter 7 “liquidation,” a Chapter 13 “reorganization” of debts, or some other solution best fits your needs and goals.

Generally speaking, however, there are some very common danger signs we believe should lead you to seek experienced legal guidance from a Florida bankruptcy lawyer, including:

  • Missing a mortgage payment
  • Paying only minimum payments on multiple credit cards for more than one month
  • Considering tapping your 401(k) or other qualified retirement accounts – which would almost certainly be fully protected in your bankruptcy case – or taking other desperate, costly measures in order to service unsecured debts
  • Falling even a few weeks or a month behind on critical obligations such as child support payments
  • Fielding collection calls that may soon lead to a judgment, wage garnishment or other potentially devastating creditor action against you