Business Bankruptcy

Tampa’s Business Bankruptcy Attorneys

No matter how hard and intelligently you work to keep your business running at a profit, many factors can lead to challenges that call for decisive legal action to save that business. If your business debt has gotten out of control, and especially if you are concerned about an eviction, equipment repossession or other actions against you, it is likely time to consider whether Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the best solution.

Real Business Debt Relief While You Stay in Control of Operations

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing may allow you to eliminate some debts and pay others over time while maintaining control of your own business decisions and operations. As in personal bankruptcy, it can provide an automatic stay that prevents your creditors from taking action against you, including filing lawsuits, executing repossessions and obtaining judgments.

At McIntyre Thanasides Bringgold Elliott Grimaldi Guito & Matthews, P.A., we help Florida business owners carefully evaluate all requirements, benefits and obligations associated with Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and we represent our clients in all Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.

  • We will listen, thoroughly analyze your situation and strive to help you
  • Compare different business and personal debt relief options and determine your best path back to solvency and profitability
  • Make sound decisions in light of personal guarantees you may have entered or the desire to protect personal assets you provided as collateral to finance your company
  • Consider the longer-term viability of your business and identify the plan that gives you the best chance to succeed

Experienced in All Aspects of Chapter 11 Filings and Litigation

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is substantially more complex and planning-intensive than other forms of bankruptcy. Business creditors may be aggressive in challenging your debt restructuring plan, and this can lead to litigation that delays or impedes your ability to get the debt relief you need. It is essential to work with an established attorney and a firm with the resources to handle all aspects of your case.

Our experienced, savvy and creative Tampa business bankruptcy attorneys will hear you out and focus on achieving the best results, while leaving no details out of the equation. We encourage you to call our offices or send us e-mail to set up a consultation at a time that works for you.