Tampa Bankruptcy and Repossession Lawyers

Tampa Bankruptcy and Repossession Lawyers

Once personal or family debt problems reach a certain level, it can become impossible to prioritize payments to your various creditors even if you are still earning decent income. The assets and property you need most and most want to protect — such as the vehicle you depend on for transport to work — may be in jeopardy of repossession.

The impending threat of car repossession or even a single missed car payment is one of many reasons to meet with an experienced Florida bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible. It is important to recognize that, under various circumstances, vehicle repossession can be executed quickly and with far fewer legal requirements than a home foreclosure or even a collection lawsuit filed by a creditor.

Options and Actions for Stopping Repossession

At McIntyre Thanasides Bringgold Elliott Grimaldi & Guito, P.A., we have a firm grasp on the full range of options for stopping auto repossession or other creditor actions against you. Even in crisis situations, we strive to both address your immediate needs and help you make productive long-term decisions. If you are facing a repossession, we will help you consider issues such as:

  • Whether the equity in the vehicle and its current market value mean that, even if you allow the repossession to proceed, you could be sued and face a deficiency judgment

  • Whether ridding yourself of other debts through personal bankruptcy would enable you to catch up on payments and avoid a car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle repossession
  • Whether a Chapter 13 “reorganization” bankruptcy filing may allow reaffirmation of your car loan on terms that you will be able to handle

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Under most circumstances, filing personal bankruptcy will hold off car repossession at least long enough for you to make a sound decision about the vehicle based on counsel we provide.

To discuss all aspects of your financial situation with a lawyer committed to listening, performing thorough analysis and finding the best path to debt relief for you, contact our Tampa bankruptcy and repossession lawyers and schedule a consultation.