Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Helping Our Clients Evaluate Non-Bankruptcy Alternatives

At McIntyre Thanasides Bringgold Elliott Grimaldi & Guito, P.A., our attorneys have many decades of experience dealing with all aspects of bankruptcy law. However, we do not pressure or rush our potential clients to file and do not recommend filing if we do not believe it is the right solution.

Skilled Foreclosure Defense and Consumer Law Attorneys

Our respected Tampa-based law firm, also providing full personal bankruptcy services from Sarasota office, is built on integrity, versatility and individual client focus. We are prepared to fully assess your situation and present all viable options without bias or pressure. In fact, many of our clients benefit from our work in:

  • Foreclosure defense — sometimes through the identification of lender liability for violations of the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and/or other federal or state regulations
  • Credit card defense for people being sued or harassed by creditors who have violated FTC regulations, Florida consumer protection laws or other limitations on their lending and collection practices

What About Debt Consolidation Companies?

With so many people coping with overwhelming debt, media advertising of non-bankruptcy alternatives — primarily centered on debt consolidation — is frequent and intense.

Many clients come to us after having tried debt consolidation services that did not work for them. Most such advertisements leverage common bankruptcy fears and misconceptions, and the reality is that a significant percentage of people who try these “solutions” ultimately file bankruptcy after paying substantial fees to a company that made unrealistic promises.

Other Debt Relief Options and Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Our lawyers will welcome your questions about attempting to negotiate directly with your creditors or hiring a lawyer to negotiate on your behalf. We can also help you consider the potential consequences of waiting to see if your financial situation improves before taking the decisive step of filing bankruptcy.

To request a consultation with an experienced attorney focused on identifying the best solution to your specific debt problems, please call 813-899-6059 or send us an e-mail inquiry now.